How to Watch Copa America 2020 Live Stream Online Free

The Copa America is one of the world’s most popular South American men’s soccer championships that is organized every year by the South America Football Association, also known as CONMEBOL. This annual football event is not only watched by millions of football fans in the participating countries but also revered by the tens of millions of football fans worldwide.

The 2020 Copa America is set to be the 47th edition of the popular football tournament. Although it has been an annual event since its inception decades ago, the CONMEBOL recently announced plans to make the Copa America a quadrennial event after the 2020 Copa America tournament is concluded. Hence, the next Copa America tournament will be held four years later, in 2024.

Tournament Copa America 2020
Venue Argentina, Colombia
Date 12 June – 12 July
Teams 12
Live Stream Watch Here

When & Where is Copa America 2020?

The Copa America 2020 is set to be co-hosted by Argentina and Colombia, an unprecedented move since 1983. This also sets a record for the South American tournament being jointly hosted by two countries.

The 2020 Copa America is planned to be played in 5 different venues in Argentina and 4 venues in Colombia, thus spread across 9 different venue cities in two separate countries.

The 2020 Copa America North Zone Group matches will be hosted at these four venues in Colombia:

  • Barranquilla – The Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Melendez is the largest Copa America 2020 venue in Colombia and seats around 60,000 fans.
  • Medellin –The Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex in Medellin is the second-largest Colombian venue to host Copa America 2020 matches, with a seating capacity of around 36,000.
  • Bogota –The capital city of Bogota is also set to host several 2020 Copa America matches in the grand Estadio El Campin which can easily seat 40,000 football fans.
  • Cali –The city of Cali’s Estadio Olimpico Pascual Guerrero with a seating capacity exceeding 36,000 is the fourth venue for the 2020 Copa America match in Colombia.

The South Zone Group of 2020 Copa America in Argentina will be held in these 5 venues:

  • Avellaneda – The huge El Cilindro stadium in Avellaneda in Argentina is the largest venue that is hosting the 2020 Copa America matches, with a huge capacity for 61,000 seats.
  • Cordoba –The immense Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes in Cordoba is one of the larger venues, with a 57,000 seating capacity, set to host several 2020 Copa America face-offs.
  • Mendoza –The Estadio Malvinas Argentinas in Mendoza city of Argentina is another expansive football stadium that is set to host several important 2020 Copa America matches and seats over 49,200 fans in it.
  • Buenos Aires –The huge Estadio Alberto J. Armando arena in Buenos Aires also has a seating capacity of 49,000 and will host several essential Copa America 2020 matches.
  • Santiago del Estero –The Estadio Unico situated in Santiago del Estero is the fifth Argentinean venue to host the matches for Copa America 2020 with its capacity of 28,000 spectators.

List of Copa America 2020 Participating Teams

The Copa America tournament hosts match between the teams of the ten countries who form the members of the CONMEBOL. In addition to the 10 member teams, the 2020 Copa America has also allowed entry to Australia and Qatar national teams as well, as the two teams are previous title winners of the AFC Asian Cup. This is Australia’s first time participating in a Copa America tournament while Qatar has previously participated once before in the South American football tournament.

Below is the complete list of Copa America 2020 participating teams, according to their Groups:

North Zone

  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela
  • Peru

South Zone

  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Uruguay
  • Paraguay

Invited Teams:

  • Qatar
  • Australia

These are the 12 teams participating in the Copa America 2020 football tournament organized in Argentina and Colombia.

How to Watch Copa America 2020 Live Stream

The Copa America tournament is definitely one of the most popular and most-watched sporting events not only in South America but also around the world. Millions of football fans from all over the globe tune in to their TV sets to watch the thrilling and exciting matches that form the intense soccer tournament.

Today, Copa America fans have several ways to watch the Copa America matches. If you are not from among the fortunate ones who could buy tickets to watch the tournament at the venues then there are still various ways that you can choose to watch the 2020 Copa America from the comfort of your home or local café.

Check out the various ways to watch the 2020 Copa America tournament on TV, on online channels and using VPN services.

Copa America 2020 Live TV Telecast Broadcasting Rights

The list below has the list of names of networks that own the Copa America 2020 live TV telecast broadcasting rights:

Country TV Broadcaster
Argentina Television Public Argentina, DirecTV Sports & TYC Sports
Brazil Rede Globo, SporTV & Rede Bandeirantes
United States ESPN, ESPN+, Telemundo, Telemundo (website) & Telemundo Now
Australia beIN Sports
United Kingdom Premier Sports
New Zealand beIN Sports
MENA Countries beIN Sports
France beIN Sports
Mexico Televisa, TDN & TV Azteca
Canada TSN
Bolivia Tigo Sports, DirecTV Sports & Bolivia TV
Chile Canal 13, CDF, TVN & DirecTV Sports
Ecuador DirecTV Sports & Teleamazonas
Peru America TV & DirecTV Sports
Colombia Caracol Television, DirecTV Sports & RCN Television
Uruguay Tenfield, Teledoce, DirecTV Sports & Sports Field
Paraguay Tigo Sports, Telefuturo, DirecTV & Tigo Max
Venezuela Venevision & DirecTV Sports
El Salvador Channel 4
Costa Rica Teletica
Greece ERT
Italy DAZN
Japan DAZN
Romania Eurosport

How to Watch Copa America 2020 Live Online

If you do not a subscription or access the 2020 Copa America TV broadcaster channels on your television, then there are several ways that you can use to watch Copa America 2020 live online.

Here’s how to watch Copa America 2020 live online:


FuboTV is an excellent way to watch the 2020 Copa America matches live online. If you are already a subscriber to it, then you can simply tune in to FuboTV and enjoy the thrilling matches in real-time.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another excellent way to watch the Copa America live online. The Sling TV subscription will allow you to catch the live action of your favorite matches during the 2020 Copa America tournament.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV, besides providing expansive general and entertainment content, is also excellent to catch popular sports matches. A subscription to the flagship channel from YouTube will let you watch the amazing matches from the comfort of your home.


Hulu is yet another excellent choice to watch the 2020 Copa America matches live online. If you are not a subscriber to the online TV channel, then we highly recommend you get the affordable monthly subscription now and be ready to watch the Copa America matches easily through live online transmission.

Stream Copa America 2020 Without Cable

There are literally millions of football fans around the world who prefer to use internet devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to watch their favorite teams play. Hence, today you have several different options to choose from when you wish to stream Copa America 2020 without cable.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) software is excellent to view content online which is otherwise restricted or out of your reach, due to mainly geographical censorship. Using a VPN, you can easily bypass the censorship and watch matches and videos by live streaming online.

Here are the several top VPN providers that show to stream Copa America 2020 without cable:


ExpressVPN is by far one of the world’s most popular and trusted VPN service providers. The inexpensive price plans and several freebies and add-ons make ExpressVPN an excellent choice to watch Copa America 2020 live stream online.


NordVPN ranks as one of the most advanced and efficient VPN service providers in the world. Using NordVPN it is inherently easy to tune into the official TV broadcast of the tournament and watch your favorite teams in action from the comfort of your home.


PureVPN is another excellent VPN service provider. Using PureVPN is becomes immensely efficient to watch Copa America matches even if the content is not available in your country or region.

Copa America 2020 Schedule, Time Table, Fixtures PDF Download

The CONMEBOL has announced the Copa America 2020 schedule, time table, fixture draw will be announced on 3rd December 2019.

Stay tuned to this website to learn all you need to know about the 2020 Copa America time table, the Copa America 2020 fixtures and the complete Copa America 2020 fixtures for PDF download update.