Copa America 2021 Prize Money for Winners, Runners Up & Participants

Copa America 2021 tournament is to be held in Argentina and Colombia. As per the terms of the CONMEBOL, host countries are selected in alphabetical order. Brazil was the host country in 2019 for the Copa America Tournament and the next edition of Copa America 2024 which is to be hosted by Ecuador.

If football fans are searching for the dazzling and attractive Copa America 2021 Prize Money, this knowledge-base will let you amazed. Expected total prize money, $21.5 Million, is distributed among the winners, runners up and participants team. Here you can go through the complete details of Copa America 2021 prize money for winners, runners up & participants.

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Copa America 2020 Prize Money
Copa America 2021 Prize Money

Copa America 2021 Prize Money for Winners

The winning team is awarded by the expected sum of $6.5 million with a Gold Cup. However, this is the prize money allotted in the previous edition but will be the nearest same for the Copa America 2021. This is not only the prize which enchants the winners, but lots of other cash prizes are also awarded by many sponsors of the tournament.

Copa America 2021 Prize Money for Runners Up

Runner up team of Copa America is awarded by the silver cup with the expected cash prize of 3.5 Million dollars. Lots of other enchanting prizes by the sponsors and local federations also motivate the team.

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Copa America 2021 Prize Money for Participants

A participating team, ranked in the third place, is awarded Bronze with a Price tag of $3 Million. But the team comes up in the fourth, will also not go back home empty-handed.  CONEMBOL also rewards the fourth place winner the sum of $2.5 Million. The qualifying four teams which reach the quarterfinals also could get the enchant incentives with the sum of $1.5 Million to keep them motivated and show better performance in the next editions.

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If we talk about the Copa America 2019, the winning team Brazil got the hefty prize money with the sum of $6.5 million. Peru, the runner up, is awarded the sum of $3.5 Million. Argentina, the third-place winner, got the $3 Million and $2.5 million taken by Chile, the fourth-place winner. Each of the quarterfinalists also got the healthy prize money of $1.5 Million as well.

Copa america Prize Money 2021
Copa america Prize Money 2021

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