Copa America Golden Boot Winners (1939-2019)

Copa America Golden Boot Winners
Copa America Golden Boot Winners

Football is a game followed by millions across the globe. The tournaments like World Cup, Euro and Copa America gain a lot of viewership from all over the world. Since football has more club matches than international matches, there is extra enthusiasm within fans. The stakes are high and so as the awards are distributed among the players. The top scorers of these tournaments are often awarded the golden boot.

The Copa America was scheduled in 2020, but due to the pandemic situation across the globe, the tournament was postponed by a year. Today, we will be listing the Copa America golden boot winners.

Who has scored the most goals in a single Copa America Tournament?

Jair da Rosa, Javier Ambrois and Humberto Maschio have scored nine goals which are the most in a single tournament. Even though these players scored heavily for their team in respective Copa America, they were unable to take their team to a championship. 

Who won the Golden Boot in Copa America 2019 in Brazil?

Everton Saores of Brazil won the golden boot in the Copa America 2019. His efforts led the team to the championship. 

List of Copa America Golden Boot Winners (1939-2019)

Here is a complete list of Copa America golden boot winners. In the below table, you will get the year, player name and number of goals scored by the player to win the golden boot.

Year Golden Boot Winner Goals Scored
2019 Everton Soares 3
2016  Eduardo Vergas 6
2015 Paolo Guerrero 4
2015 Eduardo Vergas 4
2011 Paolo Guerrero 5
2007 Robinho 8
2004 Adriano 7
2001 Victor Aristizabai 6
1999 Raivaldo 5
1999 Ronaldo 5
1997 Luis Hernandez 6
1995 Gabriel Batustuta 4
1995 Luis Garcia 4
1993 Jose Luis Dolgetta 4
1991 Gabriel Batistuta 6
1989 Bebeto 6
1987 Arbikdi Iguaran 4
1983 Jorge Burruchaga 3
1983 Roberto Dinamite 3
1979 Jorge Peredo 4
1979 Eugenio Morel 4
1975 Leopoldo Luque 4
1967 Luis Artime 5
1963 Carlos Alberto Raffo 6
1959 Pele 8
1959 Jose Sanifilippo 6
1957 Humberto Maschio 9
1957 Javier Ambrois 9
1956 Enrique Hormazabal 4
1955 Rodolfo Micheli 8
1953 Franciso Molina 7
1949 Jair da Rosa Pinto 9
1947 Nicolas Falero 8
1946 Jose Maria Medina 7
1945 Norberto Mendez 7
1945 Heleno de Freitas 6
1942 Herminio Masantonio 7
1942 Jose Manuel Moreno 7
1941 Juan Marvezzi 5
1939 Teodoro Fernandez 7

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