Copa America 2021 Points Table, Standings with Goal Difference

Copa America 2021 Points Table, Standings with Goal Difference – Copa America 2021 is one of the most awaited sporting events in the world. With a long and colorful history of incredible performances by some of the strongest football teams from South America and the Caribbean nations, the CONMEBOL Copa America is considered to be one of the most-watched sporting events on TV today.

This is the 47th edition of the Copa America tournament and is set to be hosted by Argentina and Colombia from June 12, 2021, in Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires. The 2021 Copa America is set to be held between 12 teams, which include:

  1. Argentina
  2. Bolivia
  3. Brazil
  4. Chile
  5. Colombia
  6. Ecuador
  7. Paraguay
  8. Australia
  9. Peru
  10. Uruguay
  11. Venezuela
  12. Qatar

Out of these 12 teams, Australia and Qatar are the only the non-CONMEBOL and non-CONCACAF nation teams which have been specially invited to participate in the Copa America 2021 this year.

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These 12 teams have been divided into 2 groups – Group A (South Zone) & Group B (North Zone). The top four teams from each group will advance to quarter-finals of the Copa America.

Copa America 2021 Points Table/Standings with Goal Difference

The Copa America tournament is probably one of the most thrilling football tournaments from across the world. Some of the strongest teams from South America compete in this tournament and are seen all across the world on popular broadcast channels and networks.

Copa America was started in the early 20th century and has come a long way to become one of the most exciting football events worldwide today. Many popular teams have participated in Copa America tournaments till now. Some have scored highest points and rank in the top listings while some teams still struggle to make a considerable mark in the tournament.

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The Copa America tournament relies on a simple ranking system to determine which teams qualify for the next round in the event. The officials take into consideration the number of matches played (P), the number of matches won (W), the number of matches lost (L) and the number of matches drawn (D) to determine the individual team’s goal difference (GD) and finally decide the team’s points (Pts).

These values are very important for team officials and fans alike as they determine whether the team in question is eligible to advance to the next round of the tournament.

Check out the detailed table showing the Copa America 2021 team points and goal differences given below.

Group A (South Zone)

Team Matches Played Won Lost Draw Goal Difference Points

Group B (North Zone)

Team Matches Played Won Lost Draw Goal Difference Points

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