Colombian Minister Reaffirms that Copa America will Go ahead as scheduled

Copa America 2021
Copa America 2021

The recent surge in coronavirus cases has cast doubt on the start of various sporting events globally. But the Colombian sports minister reaffirmed that the Copa America will start on 13th July as scheduled.

After some less optimistic comments from the Argentinian President of Copa America, Colombian minister Ernesto Lucena told El Tiempo newspaper on Thursday. 

“The Copa America is still as planned from the start. “

Even earlier, the CONMEBOL President Alejandro Dominguez assured that the Copa America will take place ‘with or without fans’. 

The Colombian minister stated soon after Argentina’s sports minister expressed his concerns regarding the scheduled games.

It is the first time in the 105 years history of Copa America that two countries will host the South American football event. To this, Lucena said that there is no possibility of Colombia hosting the event alone and plans to stick to the original schedule. 

Originally, the Copa America was scheduled in 2020 alongside the UEFA Euros. But due to pandemic situations, the games were postponed by a year. This year, Argentina is scheduled to host the opening match on 13th June while Colombia will host the finals of Copa America on 10th July 2021.

The Copa America is the biggest South American football tournament. It was scheduled to start with twelve teams with Australia and Qatar as the invitees. But due to the Asian FIFA World Cup qualifiers scheduled at the same time, both teams have canceled their trip to South America.

CONMEBOL has assured that the tournament will go ahead with ten teams from South America.

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