List of All Time Copa America Leading Goalscorers

As the days are passing by, the Copa America is looking certain and excitement within the football fans is building. The Copa America is the oldest international football tournament. The tournament was established in 1916. The 2020 edition of Copa America was postponed by a year due to the pandemic situations occurring globally. Now in 2021, Copa America will take place from 11th June to 10th July. 

When we talk about the oldest tournament in football history, various interesting record books come into play. These records not only fascinate you but also show why a particular team was successful or failed in the tournament history. In today’s article, we will be sharing a list of all-time Copa America leading goal scorers. 

List of All Time Copa America Leading Goalscorers (1916-2021)

Top Copa America Goalscorers in History – When we talk about Copa America, the talks of Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Argentina begin due to the huge fan base behind these teams. The reason for the huge fan base is – star players like Alexis Sanchez, Neymar, Messi represent these teams. So you might expect to see one of these players in the all-time leading goal scorers. Right? If yes, you have failed. No names mentioned above have made it to this list yet.  Let’s have a quick look at the list of top Copa America goalscorers since its inception.

Player Team Goals
Norberto Méndez Argentina 17
Zizinho Brazil 17
Lolo Fernández Peru 15
Severino Varela Uruguay 15
Paolo Guerrero Peru 14
Ademir Brazil 13
Gabriel Batistuta Argentina 13
Jair Brazil 13
Jose Manuel Moreno Argentina 13
Héctor Scarone Uruguay 13

Source: Wikipedia

As you have seen in the ab0ve table, Norberto Mendez of Argentina along with Zizinho of Brazil lead the top goalscorers list with 17 goals each. They are followed by Lolo Fernandez and Varela with 15 goals. Jair, Maschio and Javier Ambros have scored the most goals (9 goals) in a single season.

Top Copa America Goal Scorers
Top Copa America Goal Scorers

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